Sunday, April 6, 2008

Gallery Photos!

My girl Rocio's beautiful paintings... she also put together this show, which ended up being so DOPE with a huge turnout of people!

Santana posing in front of my photos

Crazy ass Laura and her boy..

Beth and Christine... no they are not girlfriends, but Beth loves to act like it!!

She's a spectacle


Santana being interviewed after his poetry performance

Dance performance

Santana's performance

Everyday that Tennille and I go to eat at my favorite Mexican restaurant, El Faro....we get hooked the fuck up by our all-time FAVORITE waiter, Ricky. Either he'll bring us free flan, free pastel de tres leches or free faro cake. On top of that, hes always super on point about bringing our food out fast, unlike anyone else there. So now, we get fed for free. And he insists it ain't him who hooks it up, but that there's some secret admirer person who keeps paying our food.