Sunday, September 30, 2007


It takes me a while to catch movies, I'm always late on the appreciation, I still haven't seen "City of God" and I'm still crushin' on Bumble Bee. Anyway, tonight I was able to finally watch Tarantino's "Death Proof." Now really, I am truly a fan of anything this man does. "Kill Bill," "Jackie Brown," "Pulp Fiction," the list goes on and on...and as predicted, "Death Proof" is one of the best movies I've seen lately, even for my A.D.D. ass. Some chick's legs gets cut off, there are big booty hoes left and right, the music is so on point (as always) and the ending is AMAZING. God, I can not recommend this enough, so seriously..get on it!


little dirty feet

Duffed the fuck out

THIS fool...

see what happens when you refuse to leave?

Saturday, September 29, 2007



Wednesday, September 26, 2007

On the constant come up

Did a little alley shopping today
IMG_3498 IMG_3495
IMG_3494 IMG_3492
IMG_3491 IMG_3493
IMG_3501 IMG_3500


Here's our boys, the COOL KIDS, official video for "Black Mags"!!! You'll be seeing this shit on MTV real soon.

halla halla halla halla halla halla

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

If it ain't cute, put it on mute

There isn't any other weekday better than MONDAYS. Why, because it's when we all have an excuse to go eat delicious .25$ wings at a table of 42, crack the fuck up, plan trips to FrightFest, listen to good music by good djs, and request corny songs.


VOTE !!!


But aside from voting, make sure you just watch the video... they're the bomb shit.
From what I know, the video mtvU couldn't wait to put on their site is not completely edited, so when that hits your computer screens, expect it to be 39 times better!!!


Monday, September 24, 2007

What We Want, What We Need

I love organization which in turn, makes me love lists. I fucking LOVE making lists.

Girl Essentials...

1. Dior mascara, like 25 dollars..I purchased this mascara about a year ago, took a break from it..and now after testing out other brands, decided to come crawling back. All a girl really needs is some mascara during the day and maybe some eyeliner at night to make your eyes all sultry like..this is bomb, perfect, nothing better.

2. Yea, I'm ashy, and what? I thought at first that maybe it was only girls with olive tone to their skin or darker, but then I visited my best friend in New York not too long ago who's Jewish and discovered this SAME shit in her bathroom. All girls, all sizes, all colors need cocoa butter. This is the nectar of the gods. If you wanna take it to the next level though, go to the Canal Street Flea Market and pick up the unscented shea butter from the Jamaican's imported and if you're lucky, he'll let you add some of his scented oils to it..

3. Good dudes, bad dudes. So yea, I'm straying away from the beauty subject for a second because really, dudes are essentially part of our lives too. Let me put it this way..if you're at a club/bar/other social event, etc and in a room of people,you can spot several (I'm not talking just one either) girls that your significant other (past or present) has gotten with, get rid of him and be glad you did it. It makes the guys you meet that aren't like that so much better, believe me.

4. I'm Hispanic, I definitely am not hairless,my eyebrows could be like Bert's at any second..this is not news. Hair removal is definitely a topic that is brought up constantly amongst my girlfriends and I and let me just say that this Venus vibrating shaver is my shit. It makes your legs practically glow and seriously..with all the scars I have from being a tom-boy in my younger years, I need all the glowing and shimmering I can get..

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Monday's Back..

Lazy weekend...supreme hangouts at its finest. I hope everyone enjoyed the weather!

This shit is too cute for words...

This shit is too cute for words...(Shoutouts! Modest Skate Shop!)

Saturday, September 22, 2007

I'm a little late on this...

Fidel Castro's (the most hated man in my household) theory on 9/11..

PS. He's dead, really.

Friday, September 21, 2007

So what if this is my 9th post about Kanye?

Check out his video for "GOOD LIFE".... I was pretty sure everyone already saw it, but everyone I've asked hasnt.
So if you haven't, you should.

Thursday, September 20, 2007


Ok fine, so maybe it was something like 80 degrees outside today and it's supposed to be nearly 90 tomorrow, but whatever, I'm still settling in quite nicely with my seasonal Fall mentality. Top 5 as of late...

1. Staying in is the new going out: Summer and it's "no worries" attachment is's time to be focused and step up your game, whether it's with work, school or both.For real, I am the biggest advocate of getting an adequate amount of sleep and just chillin' in general. Naps..that shit is ESSENTIAL in my life. Now that its getting darker earlier and the temperatures are dropping, there is nothing better than grabbing a friend,cuddle partner or significant other and investing in a netflix subscription. Besides, it's not cool anymore to barely be legal (if that) and party so hard that your ass looks haggard,aged and run down.

2. Brown Gucci Rain Boots: I've had my eyes on these for a while now..consider them a consistent staple in my wardrobe and don't ask about the price. Here are the teal version:

3. "What Not to Wear": Lemme elaborate on my girlishness. Besides "Sex and the City", which is a whole other entry, Stacey and Clinton (the hosts of this show) are my shit. My Friday night ritual includes coming home from work and watching the mini marathon (TLC, starts around 7PM, lasts like 3-4 episodes) while I get ready to go out or do whatever. Honestly, there's nothing better than a television show that points out people's fashion mistakes left and right. There's no need to put me in the 360 degrees mirror room though, I already know that my ass is consistently hanging out of my tiny shorts.

4. The Chicago Bulls: Ok yea, I'm getting ahead of myself, but there are some pre-season games going on in the middle of October and then the real shit happens in the beginning of November. Besides lurking out Kirk Heinrich, the highlight of last year's games include nachos, flying big macs, t-shirt cannons and the Dunkin Donuts race. As if you couldn't tell, I take this shit seriously.

5. Jordan 3's, Jordan 5's: I don't feel a need to be consistently wearing flip flops anymore which now leaves more options when it comes to sneakers. Really, there is nothing better to me than wearing a short skirt or pair of shorts with a pair of Jordans. I think the fellas can agree too...upgrade.
The downgrade, however? Getting the worst heel blisters in the world from them, shoot me now..

Number 1!!

As we all already knew and expected.....

The Rev is ready to take over the world!!!!!

So he says....
But anyways, he's BAAAACK
Watch the newest Spirit of Truth...director's cut.....

The best is when he gets charged off the callers, thats what's missing.
"What's on yo feeble ass mind!?!"
"Cut that bitch off!"
I'm sorry to those who may be offended, but I cannot get enough!!!!!

Man what do you think the Rev does on a day to day basis?

Jena 6

Listen carefully and then you tell me what's really going on.....

Wednesday, September 19, 2007


Toronto, Ontario?
Brooklyn, New York?
Chicago, Illinois?
Palo Alto,California?
Lisbo, Portugal?
Burdur, Turkey?
...even Skibby, Frederiksborg? I don't even know where that is!

These are just a fraction of the locations that are stopping by and checking out this blog..holy shit, awesome, thank you!

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

I just got a few questions about recent news...

What was Pluto really going to do to the kid if he caught him with his paws? I suppose he really planned on fuckin that twirp up, but how's his ass gonna fall on the floor then surrender, paws up.... all while dressed as fucking Pluto?


How is this Nebraska senator going to sue God himself for allegedly making terrorist threats against him, inspiring fear, and causing death, destruction, and terrorization of millions of Earth's inhabitants?!?! Uhhhhhh I don't even know what to say...other than.......HE'S GOD! Bad things are about to happen to this fool for ever thinking up such absurdities!


How's a man going to wake up from the dead during his autopsy and right before he was about to be sliced open?!?!! Seriously, go read this story...


Current Events..

King Tut's opinion of OJ Simpson's arrest..

I could edit out my brother burping at the end but I'll leave it in for effect..


While in class today, I decided to get my daily gossip on with Perezito Hilton. Now seriously, I was in the middle of a lecture and no one was talking...and the first picture that pops up on my sidekick?


Which could just be compared to this..

and this..

I guess just try and picture me laughing out loud (yo...LOL'ing) to myself in this really quiet class and everyone thinking I'm crazy. Ok, now really..I love Amy Winehouse..really, I love this bitch. This whole Cruella Devil and Edward Scissorhands hybrid look is working for me..keep doing your thang, girl.


Monday, September 17, 2007


Drove there this past weekend...12 hours each way, less than 10 hour stay in the city.
Shit was out of control but a good time.









next day..






same shit, different day..

fuck Ohio..

And we finally made it home at 3am...

Welcome to Chicago girl!